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Why I’m Running

Time for a Change in Senate District 43

I, along with many of my neighbors acknowledge that there is a need for vigorous and forward-thinking representation for the 43rd District under the Gold Dome.

My professional experience, acquired knowledge, and ongoing desire to serve have specifically equipped me to be an effective champion for the rights and prosperity of the people of Rockdale, Newton, and DeKalb counties.

I have served my community and this state in numerous capacities, and now I hope to serve my neighbors more substantially if you choose to elect me to work on behalf of our common needs and goals.


My Name is Joel Thibodeaux

"Just because you're blue doesn't mean you're true."

Joel speaks from his heart!

I will fight for you


I believe partnering with parents and communities is how performance gaps are narrowed, and how all students may be equipped to achieve.


Working Harder for You


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Local & Regional Economy

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Quality Education

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Accessible Healthcare

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Ethical Government

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Quality & Experience Leadership

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About Joel


Joel Thibodeaux, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, is a 30 year resident of DeKalb County. He was educated in Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. He attended Louisiana State University for two years, but in the midst of a severe economic downturn in Louisiana in the mid-1980s, he moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia at the age of 19 in search of better opportunities. There, he met his wife Stacey, née Davis, a native of Columbus, Georgia, and moved to south DeKalb shortly after they married in 1988. They have two adult children, Johanna (28) and Jordan (22), as well as a grandson. Joel and Stacey have lived in the Stonecrest area since 2002.

Go to the polls on May 22, 2018
elect Joel Thibodeaux for State Senate

Your vote is your voice. My ongoing desire to serve has specifically equipped me to be an effective champion for the rights and prosperity of the people of Rockdale, Newton and DeKalb counties.

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